Charney Rescue adoption process

Choosing a rescue dog 

Once you have expressed an interest in one of our dogs we will discuss with you the type of home you are able to offer to make sure we find the right dog for your needs and the dogs needs.

Previous History 

All of the dogs we have available for adoption are rescued from public shelters in Romania this means that we do not know their previous history. 

Most of the dogs will have lived on the streets of Romania and will not be used to living in a home. 

Can they live with children? 

As our dogs are not used to being ‘pets’ we do not recommend that they go to a home with young children.

Usually it is acceptable for our rescue dogs to go to a home with children over the age of 12 years.

Are these dogs OK with cats? 

We are not able to ‘cat test’ our dogs at our rescue. Sometimes we can contact the rescue in Romania and they will know if they are suitable to be homed with cats but we cannot give any guarantees.

How about small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chicken etc?

Thes dogs have lived on the streets and have had to find food for themselves. Often they have a keen ‘prey drive’ and we would therefore not advise they are homed with small animals.

It may be safe for a puppy that has grown up in a shelter if closely supervised for introductions to small animals kept as pets. 

Do your research

Learn about caring for an ex street dog

To prepare for bringing a Romanian Rescue dog into your home we recommend all potential adopters complete this online seminar.

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Meeting the rescues 

We do not run an ‘open house’ for visiting and meeting the rescue dogs. Many of the dogs in our care are scared of people and we do not want to create unnecessary stress for them in the safety of their home. It will be necessary for you to make an appointment to visit the rescue dogs.

When you come to meet one of our rescues we will bring them to a meeting area away from the main housing. You will be given the opportunity to meet any of the dogs we have for adoption that may suit your family.

We ask that everyone who will be living with and caring for the dog is in agreement with the potential adoption and takes the time to meet the dog at this stage.

If you already have a dog we will also arrange a time for the dogs to meet to ensure they get along. 

Pre adoption home check

If you would like to proceed with the adoption process we will arrange for you to have a home check. The home check is designed to make sure that your home is suitable for the dog that you wish to adopt.

It is very important that you have a secure, fenced garden that is adequate in size for the dog. We also require there to be a quiet and safe area in the home for your rescue dog to sleep or get away from the activity when they feel overwhelmed. 

If your home check is successful we strongly advise that you make several visits to the rescue to spend time with your dog before you take him or her home.

Depending on the distance of your home from our rescue, we can arrange a visit to bring the dog to your home for an hour to help them adjust to their new home when it becomes permanent.

Final adoption arrangements 

We will offer a ‘trial’ period of up to 7 days before the adoption agreement is signed if requested.

There are certain conditions during the trial period that you will be advised of. These include updates to the rescue once every 24 hours, keeping the dog in the home and garden for a minimum of 2 days and keeping the dog on the lead when walking away from your home.

When the adoption agreement is signed the new adopter must guarantee that they will never sell or home the dog to a third party.

If the adoption is unsuccessful the dog must come back to Charney Rescue.


Charney Rescue adoption fee is £300

You will receive an adoption pack that contains an advice sheet and contact details for the rescue coordinator, the animals pet passport showing all the vaccinations the dog has been given, instructions on how to register the dogs microchip, worming and training/behavioural record and food for your dog for approx 5 days. 

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