Charney day care is able to accept dogs and puppies of any age as long as they are fully vaccinated and have a suitable temperament to mix with other dogs. We are only able to accept neutered male dogs, uneutered females are accepted but they are not allowed in day care during their season.

We understand that some dogs may take time to settle into a new environment therefore the day care centre is equipped with two generously sized, enclosed areas with outside access. These areas are used for new visitors while they get used to us and are also available for dogs that need some alone time!

We advise owners that all new dogs should come along for a short taster session for one to two hours, so that we can assess them and their suitability for day care.

We take the well being of puppies and young dogs very seriously and will ensure that they are given the appropriate amount of exercise to keep them safe while they are still developing.

We will always encourage acceptable behaviour from dogs staying with us in day care and our staff are expertly trained in animal care and behaviour.