Contact us for any further information about our daycare service.

To register your dog for daycare please complete and submit the New Dog registration form at the bottom of the page. 

Appointments to view the daycare centre are available most Saturdays, please message if you would like to arrange a time to look around


New dog registration form

Date of vaccination
Date of vaccination
I accept that my dog is in good health and to my knowledge is free from infectious disease. I agree to pay the charges in full at the time of collection. I consent to veterinary treatment being provided where deemed necessary and agree to pay for such treatment if not covered otherwise by pet insurance. I understand that I cannot book my dog into Day Care without showing proof of valid vaccinations. Vaccination against Kennel Cough is not a total guarantee that it will not be contracted. Vaccination does give a level of protection, but some mild symptoms may still occur. Day Care dogs are always carefully monitored to avoid injury however scratches, punctures or other injuries may occur despite the best supervision. Any medical treatment for such injuries is payable by owners. In the event of any medical emergency, Day Care dogs will be seen by our chosen Veterinary Surgery: Court Vets Stanford In the Vale 01367 710595. We will endeavour to take good care of owner’s belongings but cannot be responsible should they get lost or damaged. All reasonable care will be taken with day care pets; your pet is none the less boarded entirely at your own risk.