Charney Rescue Sanctuary Club

By becoming a sanctuary club member your monthly donation will help us to continue to offer our sanctuary dogs the life they deserve, in comfort and safety for the rest of their lives.

Membership options

Choose the way in which you would like to support the sanctuary by selecting a membership option. All types of membership will receive our monthly email newsletter and social media updates.

Routine medical care

£ 3 / Per month
  • Your monthly donation will be used to purchase routine medical supplies for our rescue dogs. These items include wormers, flea treatment, supplements and annual vaccinations.

Sanctuary Club Membership

£ 5 Per month
  • Your monthly donation will go towards the running costs of the Sanctuary.This fund will be used for expenses such as dog food, utility bills, cleaning supplies, bedding, and payment for staff.

Feed a Sanctuary dog for one month

£ 15 / Per month
  • Your monthly donation will cover the entire cost of feeding one of our Sanctuary dogs for a month.