How day care works

Our day care service is designed to give you a worry and hassle free solution to looking after your dog while you are otherwise engaged. We take care of everything, all you need to do is drop your dog off at the centre and collect at the end of the day or when you are ready.

The dogs staying with us in day care have their own routine. When your dog arrives we will take them for a short walk individually to give them a chance to settle and relieve themselves if needed. We then settle them into the day care centre and book in other dogs for that day. The dogs will have time to socialise and play with their day care pals before we head out for a field walk.

After the morning walk is finished we go back to the day care centre for more playtime or if you have booked an extra activity for your dog we will do this now.

Early afternoon is relax time for those dogs that need their zzzzz’s and then mid afternoon we go for a field walk and ball throwing session for those who still have the energy.

After our afternoon exercise we go back to the day care centre for cuddles, rest and another short walk individually before it’s home time.

If your dog is fed during the day just let us know what time you would like them to have their meal. You can bring their own food with you or we can provide a suitable equivalent.