A typical day at Charney Doggy Daycare

Dogs are creatures of habit so we keep to a set routine during the day.

The day begins with meet and greet as all the dogs arrive. By 9am we are ready to go out for our first outside walk in the exercise paddocks or field. 

As the dogs arrive they are separated into groups depending on their age, size and energy levels. Once we are confident that all the dogs are happy and comfortable within their groups we can go out for a run around! 

After a walk the dogs have time to play inside with the toys provided, have a drink, or a nap on one of the multiple beds in the day care areas.

We have sofas, raised beds or soft beds to chose from.  

We monitor the dogs interaction to make sure that every dogs space is respected, and the youngsters do not get overexcited. 

We take the dogs for two further walks at midday and approx 3pm. 

All walks are off lead so easily meet the suggested exercise requirements for an adult dog. 

The dogs can take the walks at their own pace. The energetic dogs will often have zoomies in the field while the pups and older dogs may prefer a quieter walk to one of the exercise paddocks. 

If your dog needs to have food during the day, we ask that you bring it along and we will feed as per your instruction. Dogs will be separated from their group and fed on their own so they do not feel pressured and we can monitor how much they have eaten.

We are able to cater for all diets including raw fed dogs. 

Needless to say the dogs have multiple bowls or fresh water available at all times. The water is changed at least three times a day. 

If your dogs has any specific feeding, drinking and/or exercise requirements please let us know how we can help.